"Na počiatku Boh rozdelil Človeka na ľudí, aby si mohli byť navzájom nápomocní, práve tak, ako rozdelil ruku na prsty, aby lepšie plnila svoj účel."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Všechna intolerance lidstva je založena na falešném vědomí společné identity."

"Možná, že naše hektická civilizace schází proto, že lidé nemají čas na přemýslení." -Milan Šimečka

"Někteři čtou, aby přemýšleli; těch je málo. Někteří čtou, aby psali; těch je více. Někteří čtou, aby mluvili; těch je nejvíce."
-Luigi Pirandelo

"Kdosi tvrdil s velkou dávkou pravdy, že knihtisk sice vzdělanost rozšířil, ale co do obsahu zmenšil. Mnoho čtení škodí přemýšlení."
-Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"Některé knihy se zdají být napsány ne proto, aby se čtenář z nich učil, nýbrž aby se pochopilo, že autor něco věděl."
-Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"Kořenem všeho zla je nedostatek poznání."

"Timeo lectorem unins libri (Bojím sa čitateľa jednej knihy)"
-Cirkevný otec

"K dobré knize je třeba dobrých čtenářu."
-Victor Hugo

"Protože život je krátky a šťastných chvil v ňem tak málo, nemáme propást ani jedinou minutu čtením knih bezcenných."

"Četba je rozhovor s lidmi mnohem moudřejšímy a zajímavějšími než ti, s nimiž se mužeš seznamovat kolem sebe."
-John Ruskin

"How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world."

"All truth goes through 3 steps: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident."
-Arthur Schopenhauer

"We will either find a way, or make one."

"Man is born to live and not to prepare to live."
-Boris Pasternak

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons."
-Bertrand Russell

"The only time you can't afford to fail is the last time you try."
-Charles Kettering

"Only the mediocre are always at their best."
-Jean Giraudoux

"I always view problems as opportunities in work clothes."
-Henry Kaiser

"Slova knihy nás  vždy vzruší, ale duležité je, aby nás změnila."

"Chance favors the prepared mind."
-Louis Pasteur

"To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

"Najlepšie veci v živote sú zadarmo (The best things in life are for free)."
-barón Rotschild

"You cannot shake hands with a closed fist."
-Golda Meir

"Shun idleness. It is a rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant of metals."

"Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it."

"The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests."

"A v mojom bláznostve som našiel slobodu a bezpečie; slobodu samoty a bezpečie pred bytím pochopený. Lebo tí, čo nás chápu, v nás niečo zotročujú."
-Chalíl Džibrán

"Lotos je kvet vyrastajúci z močiara. Čím je bahno na jeho "dne hlbšie tým väčší a krajší kvet vyrastie."

"Eighty-five percent of life is just showing up."
-Woody Allen

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
-Thomas Edison

"Jediná vec, ktorej sa treba skutočne báť je strach."
-Alfred Hitchcok

"Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools."

"No man is free who cannot control himself."

"The reward of suffering is experience."

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."
-Albert Einstein

"The price of greatness is responsibility."
-Winston Churchill

"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."
-Henri Louis Bergson

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."

"It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well."
-Rene Descartes

"Don't find fault, find a remedy."
-Henry Ford

"Nikdo by nemohl cenu knih vyjádřit v jiné hodnotě. Neboť to, co nám poskytují, nekonečně přesahuje rozkoš, již nám dáva moc, víno nebo ženy."
-Richard de Bury, biskup z Durhamu

"It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose your own."
-Harry S. Truman

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes:chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire."

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring, will be to arrive where we started, and know  the place for the first time."
-T.S. Eliot

"He who considers too much will perform little."
-Johann von Schiller

"A man's character is his guardian divinity."

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."
-George Bernard Shaw

"The great man is he that does not lose his child's-heart."

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."
-Jonathan Swift

"Good actions ennoble us, we are the sons of our own deeds."
-Miguel de Cervantes

"No enemy is worse than bad advice."

"History is the version of past events that people have "decided to agree upon."
-Napoleon Bonaparte

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."
-Victor Hugo

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgot their use."
-Galileo Galilei

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them."
-Isaac Asamov.

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
-Thomas Edison

"I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of  any kind as the quality of perseverance. It  overcomes almost everything, even nature."
-John Rockefeller

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."

"There are two kinds of people: those who do the work and  those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group - there  is lest competition there."
 -Indira Gandhi

"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough."
-Albert Einstein

"Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it."
-Jerome Klappka

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance."

"Put an end once and for all to this discussion of what a good man should be, and be one."
-Marcus Aurelius

"Study the past, if you would divine the future."

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."

"Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight."
-Marcus Aurelius

"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him."
-Galileo Galilei

"Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones."

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

"Math is like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated."
-R. Drabek

"If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind."

"All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them."
-Walt Disney

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